LabWorX: Straight from the lab to your brain

LabWorX is a collection of books, each handling a particular topic in the field of electronics.
LabWorX booksEach volume condenses all information, applications and notes collected during hands-on work with the relevant technology, into a single book. Besides the basics of the technology, in-depth examples and applications are given as well as troubleshooting tips on how to proceed if the initial implementation fails.
The books provide a centralized repository of knowledge, each handling a particular technology. Each book may have optional circuit boards that let the reader try out the material covered. Also a website provide up-to-date information and software code examples where applicable.
This will make your life easier when dealing with the subject at hand. Its is literally going from our lab tot your brain so that you too can master the subject.

Other books in this series (to be published later): USB Interfaces - Ethernet Interfaces - SPI Bus - Power Supplies - PIC Processor - AVR Processor - ARM Processor - Cortex Processor - FPGA and more.
About the Author
Vincent Himpegot struck by the electronics fever at the age of 8 when he burned his finger on a hot transistor. A 100 in 1 electronics exploration box pushed him onto the slippery slope of electronics technology. After graduating with a specialty in electronics he got onboard at a Semiconductor manufacturing plant as a cleanroom technician. After a couple of successful automation projects the move to the design lab quickly followed. As a design support engineer the job was to first test and debug  prototype devices at the silicon level, often requiring the building of custom test equipment.
After working for 10 years on both industrial and telecom devices, amongst which were the first ADSL and Bluetooth chipsets, he bid his old stomping ground farewell in 2005 and moved on to San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to work on advanced controller devices for hard disk drives. As a seasoned electronics engineer, he holds a range of patents and has had works published in multiple leading journals and convention papers such as Imeko, TSCC, The Journal of Computer Standards and Interfaces, EDN and of course Elektor.
When not playing around with the latest integrated circuit or some other electronics component he can often be found on a tropical reef snapping pictures and shooting video of the underwater fauna and flora while scuba diving.

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